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Knee Exercises :

Sit with your legs straight on the floor, bed or couch. Pull the foot up towards you and then press the knee against the floor, tightining the thigh muscles. Hold this for a count of five and then fully relax.
Repeat as above, then lift the leg of the floor keeping the knee straight and raising it 6 inches above. Hold for count of five.
Repeat as above, but put a rolled towel or pillow under the knee. Straighten the knee, hold it straight for a count of five.

  • with support or without support.
  • Subsequently add weights to the ankeles.
  • Sit with knees bent over of the edge of the bed, then fully straighten the knee and hold for a count of five.
    Sit on the bed or sofa with your leg straight, resting on an upturned tray with some cloth under your heel. Pull the foot up towards you and then press the knee against the floor as in (1).
    When climbing stairs, use your good leg first and go up one step at a time.
    When descending stairs, use your bed leg first and come down one step at a time.
    Sticks :
    When standing in a relaxed position, the top of the stick should just come up to your wrist.Hold the stick in the hand opposite to the bad knee.
    Prefer higher sitting chairs which require less effort to get in and out.Pain can be relieved by application of heat or cold to the joint prior to exercise, Avoid rough ground.
    Swimming is an excellent exercise and should be encouraged, Warmer the water the better,  Try variety of strokes.